Museum of Ancient Egypt

Museum of Ancient Egypt

Project Location:    Aswan, Cairo
Competition:           Arquideas’ Museum of Ancient Egypt Idea Competition
Project Team:          Lara Waked, Maricruz Pedrera Molina
Project Link:            Click to view complete submission

We’ve seen many museums about Ancient Egypt, from the the Egyptian National Museum to the British museum sharing unique relics and exhibits. What is different about this museum?

ASWAN is rich with monuments yet touristically undervalued. Hence why we chose it. With a truly unique heritage from the elephantine island to the sloping hard natural topography on the west bank of the Nile that is rarely visited we wanted to revitalize this region.

The Ancient Nile Experience Museum is experienced through a water tunnel as well as on foot. The boat takes the viewers slowly through a physical and technological display from one end to the other where viewers disembark to continue their visual, interactive and immersive experiences in the rooms of different stories, submerging visitors into a sensual and virtual experience. Show casing spaces such as: the ‘Nile tunnel Projection Experience’, ‘Interactive installations’, Invited ‘Artist exhibit corner’ and the Egyptian temples of the gods that once protected and nourished Ancient Egypt.

Finally, a museum that emphasizes the richness of the Ancient Egyptian Nile Narrative; tourists of Egypt could now proudly say: ‘Egypt, Where it all began.

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