Segovia Design Week’s Linked Design + Book

Segovia Design Week’s Linked Design + Book

Project Location: Segovia, Spain
Project type: Academic Alternative Design Practice at  IE University, Spain
Supervisor: David Diez
Project Status: Submitted Fall 2014
Team: Direct Collaborates: Lara Waked, Greta Magani, Yvo Corpataux  and Maud Collomb + Extended Collaborates: 15 x SDW Team Members
Project Website:

The theme of linked design provides a wide window of interpretation of how design has been manufactured or developed and its impact on consequent design in an evolutionary manner. An exposition about these relationships in all their forms takes place in the Segovian context. The organization of the topics covered exhibit locations, marketing, guides and welcome packages are designed and developed.

Additionally each sub team organizes a topics for the exhibition; For our sub-team we suggested the theme of “Alternative Origins”
The theme discusses how now a days ‘We live in a globalized world where mass production has consumed the markets with manufacturing standardization. To evoke a memory of what was once was an alternative origin of common objects, we are creating spaces that simulate alternative pre-globalized contexts where these objects once would have been. This for the purpose of cultivating design links that were once well known but now forgotten.’

Our Sub team was also responsible for mapping out article archives and and compiling them into a book.



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