HUMANISTEN, Göteborg universitet

HUMANISTEN, Göteborg universitet

Project Location:              Gothenburg, Sweden
Client:                                         University of Gothenburg
Office:                                        LINK Arkitektur, Stockholm

The old Humanisten building has been commissioned to have an expansion designed by KUB-Arkitekter. LINK Arkitektur has been hired to do the interior design of the building. After 4 years that the office has been working on this project, I was responsible to come in, develop and wrap up the Design Concept and Strategy as well as define its comprehensive application through out the building. Depending on the courses that are going to be taught and the qualities of space that the designed architecture provides as well as studying the movement and circulation of students, a core idea was developed to help define the colour scheme as well as target in a more sensual approach of how students experience learning outside of the traditional classroom environment in the university shared interior open spaces.

A Small Excerpt of the Project Concept:

En hamn är en plats där hav möter land. Där människor går iland, utbyter erfarenheter.
Hur skapar vi rum som uppmuntrar oss att byta perspektiv och bryta normer?
BYTA                                     UTBYTA
PERSPEKTIV       <->         KUNSKAP
Nya perspektiv får människor när de går av sina båtar och utmanas att utforska
nya platser på nya sätt, utifrån ursprung, folkslag och historia.

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