Royal Academy of Arts

Royal Academy of Arts

Project Location:    HQ Burlington Gardens, London, UK
Client:                       Royal Academy of Arts, London
Project Team:         Lara Waked, Luca Fogliata, Mariana Botero and Joud Malhas
Project Status:       Under construction

Looking for a meaningful change in their work-space, our team was required to research analyse and reconfigure the work-space to better service its users, optimise their performance, increase employee morale and belonging. The firm concerned of employees shifting away becoming more attracted to servicing more trendy sectors or banks. The design challenge at hand was to achieve an environment of creativity that promotes a sense of belonging by analysing their currently occupied office space and apply research learnings to their move back to their headquarters at Burlington Gardens.

Learn more and check out the research pack we designed to collect user data for this project:

The Royal Academy – Research Pack

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